About Us

Hi, I'm Corinne and I am both the owner and principal designer of Boo & Rook. I started this company because after 10 years in the corporate grind, I found that design gave me a creative outlet that fueled my soul and business filled my entrepreneurial spirit. I built Boo & Rook on 3 core values:

Design | Simplicity | Community

Design: All of our designs are focused around being joyfully functional. We feature simple and classic elements that have an organic but modern twist. Everything we bring into both our personal line and our designs will help you add function and a light airy vibe to your child's space that will never go out of style. See our Portfolio for inspiration.

Simplicity: In a society of never ending distractions and a Mommy to-do list a mile long, we like to focus on helping you take things back to basics. Design can have such a positive influence on your mood, life and family. Keeping this in mind, we choose products and design spaces that allow you to layer in pieces you'll love for years and will bring you that breathe deep, light and airy, easy like Sunday morning kinda vibe.

Community: Motherhood is the absolute happiest and hardest time of one's life. It is so important to find a tribe of women who understand the tears of joy and tears of pain, who won't judge you but offer unconditional support and will let you just be you (with all the glorious sides that motherhood will bring out of you). Our community is here for you. To remind you that at your best, or at your worst, YOU ARE AMAZING & YOU HAVE THIS! If you want real talk on motherhood, along with a lot more design inspiration, come follow us on Instagram.